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Advantages of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is very common these days in the Dallas area, on all sorts of buildings. Metal Roofs provide energy savings, beauty and good protection for your home. Metal roofing comes in many designs, and is offered in almost every color under the rainbow. Metal can even be manufactured to look like wood shanks, slate, or clay tiles.?

Save Money

Metal roofs are an excellent way to say money and are good for the planet. Traditional asphalt roofing contributes to billions of pounds of waste per year. Metal roofs can be installed over existing roofs which eliminates the need for tearing off and disposing of conventional roofs.

Energy Efficient

Residential metal roofs also have a reflective pigment that increases home energy efficiency, lowering utility bills. They are also made of 30%-%60 recycled material.

Long Lasting

The biggest advantage of metal roofs are how long they last. Traditional roofs have to be repaired every couple of years because of shrinking, eroding and hail storms. Metal roofs are resistant to hail storms, heavy snow and even wildfires.

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© 2016 Hometown Roofing, LLC