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Missing Shingles

Without regular maintenance, there is no way of knowing how long shingles were in need of repair or replacement. Damage to floors, walls, and ceilings of a home are possible consequences. It is best to call a professional rather than trying to repair shingles as a DIY project. It is a dangerous job for anyone other than a qualified professional.

Repair or replacement of missing shingles needs to occur as soon as possible. The next storm or heavy rain has the potential of causing further damage. The risk is water-logged ceilings and walls. Take steps to get the roof under control as soon as you become aware of the problem.

Shingles in disrepair compromise the insulation index of a home, particularly during the summer or winter months. A roof, lacking integrity, traps hot air or allows cold air to escape. A well-maintained roof keeps energy bills low. The roof is similar to the lid on the home. Not having a well-operating roof, is like camping in a tent without a top.

Dont take roofs for granted. Imagine living without one. It would be quite inconvenient and frustrating. If the suspicion of a problem with a roof exists, there are two options. Climb a ladder to get a clear picture of the problem, or call an expert to assess the problem.

© 2016 Hometown Roofing, LLC
© 2016 Hometown Roofing, LLC