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New Roof Construction

When the need to replace an existing roof arises, there is no putting it off. Replacing the roof is urgent, but blindly hiring the first roofing contractor interviewed is a mistake. Replacing a roof as a DIY project is possible, but not recommended.

Without experience and the right tools, it is likely for mistakes to occur that reduce the roofs lifespan and endanger the homes integrity. Standard roofs measure in size from 2200 to 3400 square feet. DIY homeowners pay between two and six thousand dollars for shingles.

Professionals charge in the neighborhood of five to 12 thousand dollars. Architectural asphalt shingles cost more. Roofers charge by the square. A square is a ten-by-ten foot patch of the roof. Average residential roofs require between 22 and 34 squares. There is also a charge for removing the old roof. Typical fees run between $100 and $150 per square. Double and triple roofs cost more to remove. Extremely high or steep roofs also cost more. The installation fees for asphalt shingles are between $120 and $400 for each square.

Flashing, trim, gutters and vent covers carry additional charges. Costs for shingling over an existing roof are less. Roofers feel this practice lowers the roofs lifespan. Shingling over an existing roof omits repairs to a damaged roof deck. Roofers like to apply newer synthetic membranes intended to offer better protection against ice and rain damage. The new membrane is not part of the process when shingling over an existing roof.

Metal roofs cost between $500 and $1800 per square. The most common selection by homeowners is corrosion-resistant metal that costs between $700 and $1000 per square. Natural slate tile ranges from $800 to $1600 per square. The final cost of a slate roof is often over $4000 for high-end slate and an intricate installation pattern. Ready-made clay tiles cost from $600 to $800 for the average size home. Custom-made premium grade clay tiles sometimes cost $4000 per square.

Hiring a Professional

The primary roofing materials mentioned above are part of the package any roofing contractor provides. All roofers are not equally reliable. Consider the following factors. A true roofer knows if a shingle manufacturer or jurisdiction allows more than a single layer of shingles and any rules about shingle or underlay type.

Quality contractors look for existing damage caused by water or fire. Avoiding these repairs necessitates future routine maintenance, causes premature failure, or voids the warranty by the shingle manufacturer. Reliable roofers offer guarantees on the work they do.

The industry standard on workmanship is from five to ten years. That guarantee includes free repairs needed because of improper installation defects. Leakage and total failure fall under the warranty. Insect or bacterial infestation, normal wear and tear, damage from storms or hail are not problems covered in the guarantee.

Only particular high-end roof product that requires specific installation procedures have warranties of 40 or more years. The cost of new roofing, installed by professionals, sometimes exceeds $5000. The knowledge that the roof installation meets the manufacturers standards and a long-term warranty make the price worth the money.

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© 2016 Hometown Roofing, LLC