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  1. Best Ways To Clean And Maintain Your Roof

    When you think about routine cleaning that needs to be done for your home, you likely didn’t think about your roof. While this part of your home provides you with coverage from the many surprises of Mother Nature, it also happens to be one of the parts of our home that often goes forgotten.  The …Read More

  2. What New Homeowners Should Know About Their Roof

    Purchasing your first home is one of the most exciting times in your life that you’ll experience. You finally get to have a place you can call you own — a space that you can do whatever you please with since it’s yours. But being a homeowner isn’t just about painting walls whatever color you…Read More

  3. Check Off These Roofing Tasks Before Winter

    Winter is coming. Even though the winters in Dallas aren’t necessarily as harsh as, let’s say, the winters in the Northeast (thank goodness), we still need to ensure we check off some home maintenance tasks before the weather outside starts to get cold. Tasks involving your roof should be on tha…Read More

  4. A Lesson On Roofing: Roofing History

    We all take our roofs for granted, but they’re more valuable and important than we might initially think. They protect us from inclement weather and keep our homes insulated. They also provide shelter from everyday mishaps. But when did roofs even become a concept, and who was the mastermind behin…Read More