Homes usually have sloped roofs, making it an easy task to look up and notice something is off with the roof. This will usually trigger something in the homeowner — or their nosy neighbor — that some repair work or a replacement needs to get done. Commercial buildings with flat roofs are often taller and impossible to see from the ground. This makes it even more difficult to spot problems. The old adage proves doubly true in this instance: out of sight, out of mind.

At Hometown Roofing, we want to make sure commercial building owners don’t forget about their roofs. Flat roofs more likely to leak than sloped roofs, meaning most commercial building owners need to be double their efforts to take care of their commercial roofs. Our highly-trained roofing technicians are on-call to inspect your roof and make sure you have a detailed assessment regarding its condition. We are a full-service roofer, who can meet all your commercial roofing needs, from roof replacement to routine roof repair and maintenance.

Commercial roofing jobs are almost always larger projects than residential ones. But that doesn’t stop us. Our fully-trained and experienced commercial roofing contractors are prepared to handle your commercial roof installation or repair needs in Dallas/Fort Worth.

As Dallas’s premier roofing company, we’ve completed thousands of jobs and left thousands of satisfied customers in our wake. We are in the business of providing roofing solutions which ensure your roof is in tip-top shape. Remember, a commercial roof doesn’t just protect you and yours, it also protects customers. If an accident occurs on your commercial property due to negligence, you can almost expect a lawsuit to occur — especially in today’s sue-happy society.

Leaving your roof to us leaves you free to focus on growing your business — and that’s exactly as it should be. Sign up for a free roof inspection today.