The small town Texas atmosphere, wonderful sense of community, and close proximity to the major metropolitan areas makes living and working in Grand Prairie a great experience.

However, crazy weather can do its worst to even the best of locations. From tornadoes to hail to the blistering summer sun, the residents of Grand Prairie are no strangers to some of the worst weather Texas has to offer.

While bad weather can wreak havoc on every part of your home, one of the most affected areas is your roof. Some of the most common types of damage are shingles that have been blown off by high winds to cracking and curling that occurs under the hot sun.

In order to protect your Grand Prairie home, you want the best roofing company in the area. At Hometown Roofing, we offer the finest roofing materials, expert craftsmanship, a wide range of services, and over 34 years of experience.