Hometown Roofing is Your Dallas Roofing Services Leader

Your home is your castle. While it’s not designed to protect you from marauding invaders like in the days of yore, it does need to protect you and your family from animals, the cold and the heat, and even the most ferocious of storms. Most all it needs to provide you the security you need for a peaceful night’s sleep. Nothing is more important to enable your house to provide those things than a good roof.

Hometown Roofing is a Dallas roofing company which has already built the trust of individuals and  communities . It’s no wonder the Better Business Bureau gave us an A + rating.  We believe we achieved our reputation because we follow three fundamental principles  — build a team of the most experienced and skilled roofers, use only the strongest, high-quality materials, and follow through with thorough execution and inspections. These are our guiding principles in getting the job done right — the first time.

As Dallas’s premier roofing company, we’ve completed thousands of jobs since we started in 2002. We’ve done jobs building roofs for our customer’s brand new homes, those who need a brand new roof due to damage or age, or others simply need basic maintenance or repairs. We are in the business of providing roofing solutions which ensure your home is well-protected and beautiful to look at for the long haul.

Getting a new roof for your home — or investing the time and money for upkeep — is a significant investment. But we believe it’s one worth making. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to ensuring your roof is installed or repaired at our highest quality standards, and we do it at a rate that’s competitive and fair. We even do no-cost inspections so you can see if our service and prices work for you.

To book your free roof inspection, contact us online or by phone today.