Many people have never heard of roof remodeling, but it is often done to increase the curb appeal of a home. This can not only help a house sell faster when it is put up for sale, it can also result in increased resale value.

Another reason to remodel the roof: You own an older home in an established neighborhood where housing values have gone up. Most of your neighbors have already done a major overhaul or even a complete tear down. Vacant land has been snapped up and developed. Your house is starting to look dog-eared in comparison to the surrounding development.

Sometimes, people remodel the roof in the process of finishing the attic space to turn it into living space. Altering the slope and/or adding in some dormer windows can help add enough headroom to make the space usable as an extra bedroom, a home office or rec room.

Roof remodeling can be as simple as upgrading the current roofing materials to something more stylish, trendy or simply flattering to the structure. Taking a plain, inexpensive roof and changing it into a beautiful tile or copper roof can dramatically change the look of the entire house.

In other cases, it involves actually changing the rooflines. You may want to add a new section in order to create a more attractive façade for the home. For example, if you have a plain roof facing the entire length of the front of the house, you can put in a cross section above the entrance that adds interest to the entryway and makes the home appear more stately and welcoming.

You may also want to include skylights when you re-do the roof. If you have always wanted to enhance the livability and beauty of your home with skylights, there is no better time to add them than when you are re-doing the entire roof anyway.

Additionally, you may even want to increase the insulation value of the roof or include other structural improvements in the process of remodeling your roof. This can help pay for itself by reducing heating and cooling costs.

Improving your home can improve your bottom line in multiple ways. It can improve resale value while simultaneously lowering your carrying costs. You can think of this as more like an investment than a personal indulgence, because that is really more accurate anyway. This isnt actually a purely consumer expense. It is a means to build equity in one of the most secure financial instruments around: real estate. We service the entire Dallas area including suberbs such as Richardson, Frisco and Plano. If you are in need of any of our services, please give us a call.